Airline Industry
Nouvelair, Sabena Technics, SFA, ATCT

Three key-words: Safety, punctuality and comfort

Since 1989, Nouvelair, the first private airline in Tunisia, is the flagship of TTS Group.

One Group, One Vision, your satisfaction

With more than 400 engineers, technicians and employees, Sabena Technics provides technical maintenance for nouvelair Airbus A320 fleet in accordance with European EASA / Part 145 standards.

Airline Assistance

Founded in 2010, Nouvelair Handling is a subsidiary which constitutes a major axis in the development strategy of Nouvelair Tunisia.

Aviation Training Academy

In 2010, TTS Group expanded its activities by creating the Safe Flight Academy (SFA), a training academy for civil aviation in general and pilots in particular.

Pioneering training center in the field of civil aviation training

Airline Training Center of Tunisia (ATCT), of which TTS Group is a major shareholder, is a pioneering training center in the field of civil aviation training.

Aerial work for planes and helicopters

TUNISAVIA was created by TTS group in 1974. It offers expertise in aerial work for airplanes and helicopters.

A catering company serving passengers on board aircraft

Tunisie Catering is a catering company serving in-flight food and services for passengers on board.