We know Tunisia
like nobody else


Mr. Aziz MILAD founded Tunisia Travel Service (TTS), the receptive tourist travel agency for the German Tour Operator Neckerman.


TTS Group starts its first partnership with Neckerman and creates the hotel Phenicia in Hammamet, a 4 * hotel with 750 beds.


Having understood the importance of diversification, the group is a co-founder of the airline TUNISIAVIA. A company specializing primarily in helicopters and small aircraft operations


TTS Group launches, in partnership with the English Tour Operator Thomson, the Sahara Beach Hotel in Monastir. This 3 * has a capacity of 2100 beds.


In partnership with Neckerman, TTS Group acquires the Narcisse hotel in Nabeul. This 3 * with a capacity of 550 beds is first named the Aldiana Club before it became the Delfino.


TTS Group acquires the Djerba Beach Hotel in Djerba. This 4 * has a capacity of 400 beds.


Mr. Aziz MILAD becomes Chief Executive Officer of the 1st Charter Company in Tunisia “nouvelair”


TTS Group creates two agricultural companies, SPDA & SDA, for a global investment of 8 million Tunisian dinars.


Mr. Aziz MILAD is appointed Chief Executive Officer of the airline TUNISIAVIA.


TTS Group participates in the creation of the Tunisian Bank of Solidarity


TTS Group launches, in partnership with EADS SOGERMA, the leading aerospace group in Europe, a maintenance center for airliners at Monastir International Airport. The first part of the project was financed for 6.5 million Tunisian Dinars.


TTS group creates Desjoyaux Tunisie, a company specializing in the construction of swimming pools for private homes and professionals.


TTS Group acquires El Borj Hotel in Mahdia. This 3 * has a capacity of 600 beds.


TTS group builds the Tabarka Beach hotel. This 5 * has a capacity of 574 beds. In 2007 too, TTS Group launched “La Baie de Gammarth” resort, a touristic and real estate development project, with a 400 rings marina and a residential complex combining villas and condo housing.